Stream of subconsciousness, though I may be in a T.V. hospital bed somewhere…

               The last week, two weeks.. have been a non-stop deluge of bad news.  Everyone is a sexual predator, every government agency seems to be on the fritz, every politician is talking out of all three corners of their mouths… You heard me right… apparently like somewhere between 900 and 1000 people died due to the hurricane in Puerto Rico but like… I guess the government just didn’t want to admit it?  I dunno what the hell is up with that still.  Too much other crap going on.

               We’re all at the whim of some great wave of strange.  Perhaps it’s awakening.  Perhaps this is just pure chaos for chaos’s sake. 

I’ve been on HRT for almost three weeks and my nipples have hurt like hell for the last few days.  Yes, we’re now talking about my boobs.
               Technically they’re like… wish titties.  I’m laughing about that.
               Basically, the smallest possible boobs you could have and not be an ironing board.  I guess every girl starts there. 

               About two years ago, about this time of year, I started the research into a book of poetry I planned to write.  I became aware of a handful of movements back about that time.  The ‘red pill’ movement which was at that point in the full swing of anti-SJW rhetoric, the flat Earth movement and a handful of fringe ‘paranoia cults’.  There are so many that it’s difficult to even wrap my head around them.  I was trying to figure out what the motivation was.
               What could possibly lead a person to buy into the notion that reptilian aliens are here switching bodies with our celebrities and trying to control the planet?
               Let’s, for the moment, ignore the fact that creatures capable of swapping their… I guess consciousness… with other beings are still unable to just… ya know… finish the job, how the hell did they get here?  These people, who will not be talked out of this – by the way – apparently don’t realize just what E=MC­2 actually means, in regard to their little theory.
               Let me break it down, if you’re scratching your head.  It means… it’s virtually impossible to get to our planet from a different solar system. 
               It’s super depressing, actually.  But, the energy required to do such a thing is just insane.  Not to mention the fact that by the time you arrived where you had aimed, that place would be gone because our solar system is moving at some crazy ass speed like a million miles per hour. 
               No, seriously.
               I don’t remember how much, exactly, but… it’s super fricken fast.  But it’s still not as fast as the speed of light, which is really freaking fast.
               People ignore the most basic evidence to chase after paranoid and delusional ideas.
               Millions of people, please don’t take offense to this, believe in a guy in the clouds that made everything and takes none of the responsibility for it.
               I mean, if there is a God, their solution to sustaining life is killing and consuming smaller animals and plants and turning them into poop.  I mean, off the top of my head I can come up with 50 cooler ideas than that.  God just apparently is super into murder and digestion.  I dunno.
               But I don’t think it was ever meant to make sense.
               Here’s my top three reasons religion is a thing that happened:

               1:  Thousands of years ago ‘lords’ (that is to say rulers of chunks of land) didn’t have police to go around keeping everyone in line so a sky grandpa with a real judgmental attitude helped, a bit.
               2:  Money.  Because tithing.  Because rich lazy people.
               3:  To take the act of creation away from women.

               That last one might have gotten your attention.  Yeah, see, if God… (in major religions the ‘creator god’ tends to be male) created all life, then women simply assist in that process.  This has the result of taking the control of the act of procreation out of their hands.  In fact, this is evolutionarily driven, when you consider the facts.
               Most species have competition for mates, of some kind.  Whether that competition amounts to some kind of combat, mating rituals, displays of color or the occasional construction of some monument to procreation (nests, sand holes decorated with stuff, a bunch of blue things… I’m not making any of that up) the result is the same: the fittest get to mate.
               This is truly a triumph of time and evolution.  The peacock and its dance of feathers, the orchid and its strange bee copulation, the deer and its rutting and fighting.  It’s enough to make you get a bit of a shiver, isn’t it?
               Well, not me… but you… I’m sure.
               Here we are, living in a world literally dominated with delusional, wishful, magical thinking in the face of clear cut evidence.  Apparently not very many people really comprehend that evidence, as well.  As evidenced by people believing the Earth is flat.
               I can tell you these people have never left their home state via airplane or traveled anywhere all that far before.  They’ve also never been to the top of a very tall mountain.
               Let alone performed… ya know… any ancient stick/shadow experiments.
               The notion that further evidence can be given to these people is ridiculous.  How do we combat the urge to shut out the truth?  Religion is built to produce willful ignorance.  People just declaring they know things that are both insane and impossible to know and referencing an invisible non-person entity that may or may not have a beard, be a ghost, have a cloud factory or be made of glitter.
               I just don’t get it.  To be honest.
               Today, as I write this, is Mueller-Monday or as some are calling it Arrestivus (for the rest of us).  I fear not much will happen today.  The reports I read have said that arrests COULD come as soon as Monday and the whole country decided to assume they’re all getting locked up today.
               I’m more pragmatic, I guess.  While I wish they would… I doubt it.  The reality is there’s probably a lot of things that are going to be happening over the winter and into spring.  The likelihood that Trump will survive any of it is difficult to gauge.  Some are very optimistic saying this is much like the Nixon years and that the first stones are falling.  On the other side… well… they’re mostly screaming about Hillary Clinton still.  Distraction tactics.  Fact is this Uranium One thing is a load.  Hillary didn’t even do that.  It was like… a whole agency that did it.  Her support or financial involvement with this or that… as far as I can tell… is all but meaningless.
               In my opinion, the Clintons play dirty pool.  Sorry.  They do.  They also, at least from what I’ve seen, try to do some good with what they have.  Trump, on the other hand, mostly seems to enjoy destroying things and scaring the crap out of everyone.
               Which is so tiring.
               I just hope it ends soon.  I hope people start loving each other.  I hope people start trying to make things better.  But hopes aren’t any more helpful than prayers.   
               Kevin Spacey pulled some… well… epic cluster crap slap with a half twist.  So, he was accused of sexually assaulting Anthony Rapp when he was 14.  Some news outlets are running with headlines focusing on the fact that he came out as gay.  Yeah.  Welcome to 2017.
               Let’s back up like… forever.
               This was back in 1986.  It’s hard to believe people were alive then.  But they were.  And I digress.
               Hollywood is weird, but I didn’t know who this person was.  I actually saw like… a bunch of his films but didn’t realize who he was.  I’m not very good with celebrities, to be honest.
               Okay, so, he was in this movie called Adventures in Babysitting in 1987.  Long shot guess that this was about the time he met Kevin.  Never saw it.  And side note, Vincent D’Onofrio – who played the marine that killed himself in Full Metal Jacket is in that movie.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  He gives me the creeps.
               Kevin didn’t deny it.  In fact, he said it could have happened and that now he is… and here’s the big taco… CHOOSING TO LIVE AS A GAY MAN.

               In the same apology letter he both said it’s possible he sexually assaulted a teenager AAAAAAAAAAAND threw gay people under the bus.
               Hey, thanks, ass.
               Um, so, here’s the thing.  Bisexual people can CHOOSE to live AS a gay person.  That is to say they CHOOSE not to have sex with members of the opposite sex as a lifestyle choice though they do still find them sexually appealing.  He’s had relationships with men and women.  My guess is he’s sexually confused.  But…
               Who the hell isn’t?

               But... can you NOT conflate the possibility you jumped a kid with being gay?  Or bisexual?  Or… Nonexistent Jesus, save me.
               This is all so…
               I’m going to take a breath and try to finish this.
               Projected fallout:

               1: Right wing a-holes now have one… horrible example to support their shitty narrative.
               2: 98% of the world will forget this happened in less than a week.
               3: Kevin Spacey will have no consequences.
               The end.
               Of the list, not of the blog post.
               I guess where I am right now is wishing I could wake up from this awful dream.  Speaking of dreams – I had one that all my god damn hair fell out.
               I was making a point.
               I feel like this entire year has been like one of those bizarre dream sequences where the main character is lost in La-La Land only it’s been almost entirely on Twitter… like some kind of pixel based coma.  I want this episode to be over so everything can go back to the way it was before all this insane stuff started to happen.  I want the whole year to have been a fiction of my digitally fried brain.
               Twitter is our hell.  Trump is Satan.  Roger Stone is a mean little imp.
               Roger Stone got blocked because he went all meansplosion and said a bunch of naughty words.  He should really get a blog.  No.  He shouldn’t do that.  He probably has one.  Oh God, I bet he has one.  Gross.
               Well that’s it.  Hopefully today doesn’t suck.  We shall see.

Cheers, Cupcake!